Monday, April 24, 2006


gravelI love it when little things remind you of funny memories. I just finished taking out the trash at work because I lost the "Friday Challenge" again last week. As I was walking back from the asphalt/gravel parking lot I started listening to the sound of the gravel grinding under my feet and was reminded of a time I "worked" for my dad when I was really young, probably around 8. I'm guessing he had run out of stuff for me and my sisters to do because he told us to go outside and sweep the gravel parking lot in front of the office building. Have you ever tried to sweet a gravel parking lot? can't be done. To this day my dad still laughs when we bring that up...I'm pretty sure he's laughing because he actually convinced us to sweep a GRAVEL parking lot. Man we were stupid. Thanks Dad.


jenny said...

hahahahaha. thats like

"jenny go run to the kitchen to get me a coke and i will time you"-tyler.


"jenny lets go to baskin robins"-jeff. (he "forgot" his wallet and made me pay.. i was 9) i was dumb too. it was my birthday.

Annalise said...

Hahahahahahaha, now I'm laughing both from your story AND Jenny's comment. Awesome stories. I can't recall a time when my parents used me like that, but that's probably cause they're still doing it and I'm completely oblivious to that fact.