Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some are Lucky...others not so much.

It has been several months since my "on notice" list was posted and I am happy to announce that several people are no longer under my radar. However, with the removal of some comes the addition of others. My garbage man, Mark Pollei, Maroon 5 and Jenny have all been removed over the last couple months. Here are the replacements.

1. Ants - These tiny demons of annoyance have recently taken up residence somewhere in my house and I have started finding them in by bathroom, not cool ants.

2. Baby Wipes - Wipes, you clogged my pipes and caused me to have to hear a "what can go down a toilet" speech not once but twice.

3. Suri Cruise - I want to see what you look like, you're on notice until you show your face.

4. L. Ron Hubbard, science fiction author and founder of Scientology, a religion that is frequently perceived as a cult and a pseudoreligion. It should be your job to get Suri to show herself. You need to get on that.


Annalise said...

Hahahaha, I fully support that list. Hubbard...that dude is wack. Suri...her dad is wack. Ants...wack, and baby wipes down the toilet...definitely wack.

Michon said...

annalise....say wack again.

Michon said...

good list and they are all justified...all hail the return of the lists

Annalise said...


Katy said...

Great list...I will agree to the lame baby wipes in our pipes...for future notice, those are not for flushing...use a trash can! I would also like to see the face of this Suri Holmes-Cruise...she better be the cutest baby ever if she is going to pull off that name.

jenny said...

hahah suri. oh thats good stuff. ps- orem bakery SUCKS