Sunday, April 16, 2006

"about to get taken to a dream world of magic"

Happy late Easter everyone. Hope everyone's day was filled with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps.

I spent a lot of the day cleaning and then went for a sweet bike ride with Jackie. We encountered a little problem when the trail ended, but we pulled through. I enjoy going in bike rides on trails, however I do not like going under those bridges with the tiny dark tunnels. Having to yell "coming down" as you’re heading into a dark wet slippery tunnel is not too fun if you ask me. Every time I do it I think of Erin Reading and how she ended up in a body cast when she went for a bike ride down one of those in Plano and slipped on the rising water. Perhaps I should explore another trail to prevent this.

Later I ate some grub with the Cumming's twins. I gotta say those two are pretty funny. They take me back to the days of high school when we would do stupid things like steal construction signs and place them in front yards. Or when we took the Jack antenna ball from someone (have no idea who that was anymore) and turned it into a flower before returning it to the pimped out man truck it was attached to. Good times.

Jackie and I also got our Narnia on last night. That movie is freaking amazing! The only thing that would have made it better was a couple cup cakes, some Mr. Pibb and a tub of red vines. Everyone should revisit that one and soon. Hope everyone's Easter was as kick-a as mine.

Is it just me or does it look like this rabbit is giving a "Heil Hitler"?


jenny said...

ahaha totally. I just started that laugh with an "a" . I hate when people do that. Easter was good for us too! My aunt did this money easter egg Deal no Deal hunt. IT WAS AMAZING. Adam ended up with $21, Kristin $27, and me $10.26. I'll take it! Adam then wanted to gamble away our winnings. My cousin walked away with like $76. IT WAS AMAZING. We had good food, and we too, watched Narnia. Amazing. This is a blog within a comment, and I apologize. Then Michon, Ashley Sam and I "watched" Lord of the Rings, but quickly put in You've Got Mail. Good times. Then I skipped class. Who knows what today will hold.

jess said...

K, sounds like you had a fantastic day. Wish I could have been in that dark tunnel to topple you over for a good laugh...glad you made it safely though. And yes, I think the bunny is definitely a Nazi.