Thursday, April 20, 2006

I love grill. Grill. Grill. Grill.

GrillAll hail the grill. Yesterday felt like summer outside and to celebrate I made an entire meal on a grill. I am a major fan of "los grill" now and plan to grill all week long. So far I've done chicken, corn, and potatoes, and I plan on grilling anything I can think of over the next couple days. Suggestions welcome.

The actual grilling started off a little rocky. When I turned on the gas Jackie didn't quite get the match in the grill to ignite it....and the gas kept going, which made me a little worried. BUT with one rather large poof of flames the week of grilling began. The only other mishap that happened was one of the pieces of chicken fell through the grill, sad but true. I'll be sure to document this week of grilling more thoroughly from now on.


jenny said...

You should grill up some Red Vines and Mr. Pibb.... crazy delicious.

Annalise said...

I'm planning on our BBQ next week before 24! I love the grill!

Anonymous said...

all i have to day in my defense is- were you really in your right mind to give me the matches? me?? the girl who has won the world championship klutziness contest, beating out the football player in Dancing with the Stars

you know how some people rarely use their skills learned from their peofession. you wonder why i went into medicine. cause i use mine every day.