Monday, April 03, 2006

A Perfect Day

Jenny once said that she loves how after you go to a concert you have a renewed love for the band you went to see. Amen to that. I am officially declaring today Guster Day.

Three favorite facts from their bios:
Adam: was featured in a math book...that is amazing
Ryan: from Texas
Brian: used to be in a band called


Annalise said...

I fully support you declaring this to be guster day. I too have a renewed love for the band, especially for the drummer. That guy is amazing. My favourite part of the concert though, Kristin yelling "Expelliarmus!" in the middle of the concert. That was funny.

jenny said...

AMEN! All praise to the new dude as well. He fits in nicely. I wish they would have given him a little doohicky about himself so we could get to meet the new guy. Regardless, AMAZING. I am now going to clean my room and toejamb to a little someone called GEORGE MICHAEL.

jenny said...

PS- It's April. How's that blog template coming along? :)

jenny said...

fine. dont make a template. its chill. my ankle hurts like a mofo. i skipped vball this morning, and will be skipping D&C as well..aka no class today. i made a makeshift cast out of an old tee-shirt and a bobby pin.