Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I Want to Be Part of the Royal Year

Something truly shocking happened last night. After 24 everyone had left except Michon and we got to talking about all kinds of crap. Her advertising project, shopping trips, cereal, Darren's Dance Moves...ok, we didn't talk about that, but I wish we had.

She mentioned the time change and started to say you won't believe what I watched on Saturday night...this struck a cord in my brain because I too watched something somewhat embarrassing that same night.

After Annalise and I watched 9 hours of Arrested Development she left and I was alone, wide awake and sitting on my couch with a remote in my warm alive fingers. So I turned off the DVD player and started flipping through the guide.

As usual the last channel that was on could be viewed in the upper right hand corner as I flipped through the list of programs. A couple words and images caught my eye and before I knew it I said screw the program list, I'm watching Windsor Castle "A Royal Year". This show was AMAZING! Who knew so many cool things went on there! The dude that takes care of all the clocks at the estate has to take 17 hours to change the time during daylight savings and whatever the other one is called! That is insane!

I sat through an entire years worth of events at Windsor, everything from horse racing, to the staff caroling for the Queen on Christmas Eve. By the end I was so close to buying the program on DVD...which I realize would have been ridiculous, but I couldn't resist. I actually spent some time yesterday using the National Rail website to route out a trip from Chichster to Windsor, I can't wait! Needless to say Michon had too watched this show, I am still in shock about this. Amazing!


1-hoo-comentz said...

Women who wistfully watch weird Winsor watiers woefully wind wooden wall watches while worring which way weeping William went will wonder what was wrong with wanting... the DVD.

Michon said...

holy crap...awesome comment. sweet blog...and totally amazing that we watched that. Windsor is in my top 5 favorite cities and #1 favorite castle. trooping of the colors...woo what a rush

jenny said...

beautiful blog betsy. by bobbing between blogs bill boasted bout betsys blog but bichon blogs.. what the. how did he/she do that? i give up. sweet blog. i sadly never got to go here, but maybe someday i shall.

jess said...

Alliteration scares me. Oh, and I feel something creepy about you two coincidentally watching some random show about Windsor castle. And there are large words in this comment, so I cannot gaurantee spelling.

Annalise said...

Windsor Castle is definitely the coolest castle I've ever been to and I sure wish I had seen the special! I still can't believe that after our arrested development spree you still wanted to watch TV! But who am I kidding? I went home and watched Wallace & Gromit.