Friday, April 07, 2006

Thinking of the Airport

Today I had a moment of jealousy. It happened when I was checking the status of the package I sent to my friend David Dean McDornbee. I came to the realization that my package had reached Stansted Airport and was now officially in England. As soon as I read the words I was relieved and jealous at the same time. It's not too often that I have that feeling towards a non-living thing.

As soon as I read the words this thought came to my head, "my package is in Stansted Airport, and I'm sitting in a window-less office in Provo, Utah."

Sad but true. Lucky for me I've got my readership to keep me entertained day in and day out. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

aww, i spent a hellish night stranded in the stanstead airport, waiting to fly to paris. all night at a cafe table in a closed food court. and you know what? worst night in stanstead has a slight edge on most nights here. i'm with you on the package envy (Freud just flipped me off in his grave)

Annalise said...

Remember our experience in Stanstead? We got off the plane from Prague and went straight to an atm so see how much money we had. We were so afraid it was going to be like "5 pounds". And then that long tube ride home all around the jubilee line, and then once we got home we collapsed and watched "Forever Love". Yup, still can sing that song in my head.

jenny said...

I can ship you there if you want. You could pull a Dwight and be in a box.. It could be fun. I love mail. Mail is a wonderful thing.

jess said...

Ugh, "window-less office in Provo, Utah." This may be synonymous with hell. Okay, not THAT bad...but I sense your pain. I think it's time we all bust outta these boring places we live...lets take all our money out of savings and travel the world till we run out, then we'll live in a van down by the river!