Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ok, I'm officially getting worried. Two weeks ago when we went to Guster we saw a dude around this sizewearing theseToday on my way back to work after lunch I saw a dude that looked like this

wearing the same pants.

Is this a leopard print stretch pant epidemic....pandemic? In a couple months will everyone be wearing these? Should I go out and get a pair now? I'm buying mine tonight, here is where everyone else can "Find Cool Clothes".


Annalise said...

Hahaha, Kristi please don't get the leopard pants. I assure you this is not a trend, you just happened upon a few really tastless people. Why was animal print ever popular???

jenny said...

Sick. Where did you find that website? gen-x dot com. My paper is non-existant so I better get crackin. Adios.

Michon said...

ewww i remember that guy!! and ummmm remember the lady we saw after the 3rd viewing of she's the man....wow...how could you forget her!?!?

Anonymous said...