Friday, January 27, 2006

How did this happen?

Ok, so I usually don't like to include actual stories from my life in le blog, however I cannot resist when it comes to this one.

First of all I went out last night in search for a bizzle dizzle gizzle for a certain someone. What did I end up with??????? A Game Cube.

How did this happen? I went from Nordstrom to Best Buy where for some reason me and my friend Khaki (trying to keep his or her name under wraps for obvious security reasons) decided we needed to play Mario Kart. Needless to say 30 minutes later we were sitting on my living room floor trash talking and hurling bananas, bombs and huge chompers on chains at each other. It was amazing.



jenny said...

bring it over or we are playing scrabble tonight. simple as that.. .. you choose. im kidding. that would be difficile. but i want to play sometime. time to roostify/find me a mug. PAYCE

Annalise said...

Thanks for taking me back! I have many fond memories involving Mario Kart...excellent purchase.