Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You can never have too much Jack Bauer!

I realize that everyone has already written about 24 several times over, this is the third entry for myself alone, but too bad people!

I did a little web based research about the life and times of Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland and thought I would share the dirty details with all of you. I like to entitle this:


1. He was born in London, England....I've been to London, England and have actually be referred to as an "anglophile." Enough said.

2. He has a really long name, I like long names.

3. He has a twin sister, I have a sister too! Match made in heaven.....I think so.

4. Stephen Speilberg gave him his "lucky break" my dad Steven gave me a lot of lucky breaks.

5. He was the leader of a villinous gang ov vampires in "The Lost Boys (1987)", I used to watch Buffy (which I was a little ashamed of until now).

6. He named his daughter Sarah Jude after his two friends Sarah Jessica Parker and Jude Law, obviously I now have the name of my first born (boy or girl no matter).

7. Kiefer was one of the Three Muskateers, I love that candy bar.

8. Kiefer is 40, right at the cut off of my dating age limit. (ok, until I found that out is was 35, but 40 would still work)

9. Kiefer starts with a K, so does Kristi.

10. Because we both like cardboard Ellen (if you watched today you will appreciate that one).

Peace out friends.


Annalise said...

Wow with reasons like that, how can the two of you NOT get together? It't gotta happen. And hey, I aint complaining, if you two hook it up then I'm sure he & I will become good pals...and then he can introduce me to his hot/rich friends. Can't wait for that.

jenny said...

Ok first off, this is a blatant rip-off of my "reasons why luke wilson and i are destined for each other" .... Regardless, this list made me pee my pants 6 times, laugh outloud 12, and change the song I was listening to once. AMAZING BLOG. YOU ARE OUT BLOGGING ME 200%.

jess said...

Kristi, great reasons. Sounds like you've thought a bit about this love affair. I urge you to reconsider...Keifer (while sexy) will likely be dead before your little first born graduates high school.

Michon said...

k....your blog makes me laugh!!! i love laughing...i love your reasons for destiny...and you wanna know what?!!? i LOVE JACK BAUER...gohl...now im thinking about how i could steal him from you....hummm no...i'd rather be friends of the bride...just promise he'll wear avaitors at the wedding