Monday, January 30, 2006

"I love treasure movies"

This is how last night went down:

Jenny: "I love treasure movies, Goonies, Indiana Jones, National Treasure."
Kristi: "What?"

........moments later

Jenny: "I love treasure movies."
Kristi: "What? I'm sorry."

Man, I need to start listening to Jenny or stop watching National Treasure. I so swear. So glad I know where that is from now. Much more meaningful.

In honor of the movie I thought I would highlight a few things I think are "National Treasures."

1. Mario Kart Double Dash....this will be my demise.

2. Diet Coke. If squirrels and puppies are addicted I'm pretty sure I don't have a shot in hell of givin' this stuff up.

3. Jon Voight aka "The Voight"
May I just mention that when I googled him in google images a picture of the Pope came up. Coincidence......I think not. He is defintly one of those men that got less weird looking with age.

4. Neil Diamond. Can't you just hear him bringin' home the last chorus of Sweet Caroline? I know I can. Thanks Neil.

5. Scrabble. And I quote: "Is plode a word?"
"I know you can explode....I know you can implode.....but can you ever just plode?"

Peace, love and 24.

ps. Jenny do you know this woman? If not I think you should run against her for Position #2. It sounds like a prime position to start your quest for world Jenny-nation. Your slogan could be "Ditch the I Vote for Y....suckas." I would be glad to be your campaign manager. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

ditch the I vote for Y? merlin's beard, that's amazing. how did you come up with that!? if i ever run for office, you are so my campaign manager. mike to my president palmer. i just hope you're not as evil and backstabby.

see you tonight beeyotch!

ps. this was kristin

jenny said...

hahahah holy crap! my best slogan was in third grade.. "pick up a pen and vote for jen" ... if that's not political dynamite i dont know what is. EXCELLENT BLOG. i laughed out loud like 6 times. PAYCE.

Annalise said...

"I know you can explode....I know you can implode.....but can you ever just plode?".... Love it! But I'm wondering why the sudden appreciation for Jon Voight? ...."you bought Jon Voight's car? Jon Voight the actor? No, the orthodontist" That's all I think of when I hear his name.