Thursday, January 05, 2006

Two Jacks, a crooked puppet, and a knocked up chick

In reply to Jenny's amazing blog I couldn't help myself and I had to take all the same quizzes so we could do a comparative study. After going through all 15 (Jenny that is out of control) I too have decided that these quizzes are CRAP!

Quiz 1: Which Saved by the Bell character are you?
If you recall Jenny was Lisa Turtle. I too have reeived that answer. Apparently i love gossip, buys and shopping and demand being treated like the princess I think I am. (not gonna lie, all of that is a little true) "All girls are princesses!"

Quiz 2: Which Seinfeld character are you?
Jenny: Elaine
Kristi: Jerry! I am the STAR of the show! I am a stand-up comedian who spends his life dwelling on the excrutiating minutae of everday life. You live in apartment 5A at 129 W. 81st St. in New York City and you have a knack for finding very strange friends.
**I have a feeling I received this answer because my answer to the question:
Q: How long would you last in a contest, that measured how long you could go without ... gratifying yourself?
A: You could outlast anyone out of sure will and spite.

Quiz 3: Which Simpsons Character are you? This is where it goes severely down hill.
Jenny was Abe Simpson, I believe I have surpassed her in crappyness. I am Edna Krabappel. While she has a sweet last name that rivals, McGooglebie, I gotta say, crap answer!

Quiz 4: Which 24 Character are you?
Jenny: Kim suck Bauer
Kristi: Jack Bauer! H yes! (that's gotta be wrong)

Quiz 5: Which Lost character are you?
Jenny: Kate
Kristi: Jack! Again, H yes!
You are Jack. Self-appointed hero and doctor extraordinaire, it's your job to save everyone. You have little time for fun and games, but you do like a good stiff drink every now and then. You prefer your stitches black and have been known to make gross pasta comparisons. And if anyone needs CPR or a tracheotomy, you're the correct person to go to. While I could do the CPR or the trach, not so sure about the whole hero part or saving everyone. BUT, a girl can dream.

Quiz 6: Which 90210 character are you?
Jenny: Donna
Kristi: Aundrea....crap. She got knocked she was like 30 playing a 18 year old. This does not look good.

Quiz 7: Which OC character are you?
Jenny: Jimmy Cooper (that's hilarious)
Kristi: Anna Stern....crap. She's not even on the show anymore! Although she did get to make out with Seth, so props to her.

Quiz 8: Which Boy Meets World character are you?
Jenny: Mrs. Matthews
Kristi: Cory. At this point I'm starting to think that either A. I'm a compulsive quiz question lier B. I rig the answers or C. I am obsessed with myself and must be the center of attention. The quiz said everything revolves areound what you do. You know what it takes to live a life of goodness but are sometimes tripped up by your friends and your own misunderstanding. You get into trouble but you know that good will come out of it. You are probably very smart but a little lazy (so true). You have a heart of gold, but you let your feelings get the best of you sometimes. Your best friend is Shawn. You do everything you can to make sure that your there for them, just as you probably are for your best friend. A nice little summery I must say.

Quiz 9: Which cereal are you?
Jenny: Honey Smacks
Kristi: Total....can't get much crappier than that

Quiz 10: Which rapper are you?
Jenny: Eminem
Kristi: Nelly
"You are a pimp/pimpette in every sense of the word, not very hardcore but you have mad skills and a ton of talent." Mad skills, likin' that.

Quiz 11: Which Disney mobster are you?
Jenny: Woody
Kristi: Crooked Sheriff Woody....not good. Apparently I used to be an honest cop, but I am now on the mob's payroll (which means Mr. Potato Head was right, I am a back-stabbing murder).

Quiz 12: Which fast food chain are you?
Jenny: Taco Bell
Kristi: also Taco Bell, apparently Taco Bell is an independent thinker who doesn't worry about what other people think. Who knew Taco Bell was so independent.

Quiz 13: Which old school basketball player are you?
Jenny: MJ
Kristi: MJ, seriously that quiz was way too predictable.

Quiz 14: Which Pride and Prejudice character are you:
Jenny: Jane
Kristi: Kitty Bennet. You are loud and somewhat scandalous, though not as much as your sister Lydia. You like men (a lot) but know where to draw the line. Unfortunately, because of your sister's actions, you are constantly screwed over and looked down upon. Poor, poor Kitty. Stupid Lydia.

Quiz 15: Which Laguna Be: ach character are you?
Jenny: LC...lucky.
Kristi: Christina-you're pure and talented, but often give the impression of being two-faced. Sad.

Ok, that is a ridiculously long entey so I'm cutting myself off.


jenny said...

hahah amazing! AMAZING!!! YOURE AMAZING. Im so glad you found all of em. The crooked sheriff made me chuckle, as did "Your best friend is Shawn" .. That made me pee my pants, I dont know why. EXCELLENT BLOG! SEE YOU TOMORROW SUCKA!

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Michon said...

kristi i blog down to the queen of blogs!!! you just keep gettin better..and my stomach hurts from hurts. ive been trapped in the kitchen for a few days paintin but its all done now...most likely im going to come back this weekend...woo hoo...ok well you are amazing and "#1" little nelly action for ya

Michon said...

by the way...why dont you comment on my blog eh?!