Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am the luckiest girl alive!

In case you were not aware I have been in the market for a new computer. And my computer of choice of course is the Mac Powerbook 17 inch, which by the way is amazing. Well on Friday I went to CompUSA to apply for credit and purchast a new powerbook. LUCKILY!, I was approved and even more LUCKY...they were out of stock.

This of course is because today (4 days from the time I almost purchased a G4) the new Apple MacBook Pro was released, and it is 4 times faster than the computer I nearly purchased. Man am I a lucky duck or what?!

By the way, this picture was taken from a web site that sells all kinds of duck costumes, man I love google.

Anyway, this blog is not funny in any way shape or form, but I could not keep this news bottled up, so I had to share it with my public via my blog.

Peace, Love, and MacBook Pros to all.


Annalise said...

LOVE THE DUCK! I say quack to that...& the fact that you'll be getting a sweet laptop. Could it just be a coincidence that all of us bloggers have gotten new computers? I think not. The bloggin' gets rewarded. Peace out you lucky duck, you!

jenny said...

ANNALISE GOT A NEW COMP TOO!? MAN, BLOG IT UP BLOGAHOLICS. I can't believe I just said that... Kristi, THAT IS AMAZING. I am so excited for you.. How did we not know about that? Man. They are sneaky folks. Sweet Blog.... Love the Duck.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. i am so bored, and i came here in hopes you might have a new blog. I am in the library and have like 200 pages to read,but i cant do it . Blech. Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!

Michon said...

CONGRATS...i feel the mac love...i was in the bookstore today and totally picked up a little pamphlet about mac's...im thinkin i'll get one this summer when this mother dies...sweet duck...TONIGHT IS THE BEST NIGHT ON TV...sadly i do not have enough time...maybe i need a time changer like hermione...hummm..wonder if mac makes those...moving on!! Blog out