Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mixed Bizness

Have you ever thought that you didn't like something and actually convinced yourself not to like it only to be proved wrong?

Case in point: I once said that I did not like Beck (I actually recall using the word hate at one point).....so far today I have listened to three Beck albums (it's only 10:23am).

How and why did I convince myself to believe this? I am very thrown by this revelation. Should I start trying other things I am convinced I don't like?

Here are some other things I am convinced I do not like (which I now feel like I should rethink).

1. Gorillaz...as we all know they are "on notice" and I am almost ashamed to admit that I purchased two of their songs on iTunes last week. Damn you iTunes.

2. American Idol...should this be reconsidered? I enjoy watching the performances but want to have my entrails cut out and burned to keep from having to listen to Paula and her inability to form a solid opinion. And don't get me started on Randy and his stupid "dog pound". Man that was rough, sorry.

Side note: Beck just managed to "rhyme" Old Navy and lady...how did I live without this?

Ok, so those are the only two things I can think of at this moment to reconsider, but I'm sure more will come.

May everyone have a self-revelation today as deep and meaningful as mine.



Michon said...

i went through a beck phase...but dont recall why i stopped. glad you are adding to your list of music likes. about american idol...that is why the mute button is so important...that and dvr. hope today isnt so boring!! heh who am i kidding

Annalise said...

Kristi, this is possibly the best news you could ever give me! I am so glad that you have discovered the genius that is Beck. I have to thank Jake for introducing us and I've been hooked ever since.

A sampling of my play count on iTunes:
"Que Onda Guero"......29
"New Pollution"...........21
"Round the Bend"........27
"Lonesome Tears"........63

Okay so I listen to this guy A LOT. In fact, you have inspired me. Today will a complete Beck shuffle day.

jess said...

Krizzle, American Idol definitely deserves reconsidering. It's not often that you get the opportunity to watch dozens of people make total asses of themselves on national television. Now they're booting the crazies and moving on to the top singers (Sad) so I might stop watching myself. As for Gorillaz, you have to at least enjoy the little cartoon people (even just a little, teeny bit).

jenny said...

Yes these need to be re-evaluated... We would get to see you TUESDAY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY because American Idol owns all tv. I could throw that down. I gotta say Cans von Bosomstein, you made me almost pee my pants with that comment. I couldn't have thought of anything better than that..You are truly a comedian. (This is truly a spoon). And Oh, I think we all have these lists...Mine would be
1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Sushi

Although, I really really actually legitimately hate sushi,but for the sake of listing, I needed more than one item. Dude, this comment is like a blog within a blog so I'm gonna go drink out of my B-CUP (44 oz) , LATA SUCKA

jenny said...

P FREAKING S- The only Beck song I have is LOSER... So I decided to take a gander via ITUNE PREVIEW. HOLY SHIZ. Jenny likey.

jenny said...

PPS- On the play count I was curious... Jenny's most played tune is?!?!?!??!..... See my blog lata.