Monday, February 06, 2006

5 movies, holdem', and a lot of junk

Started the weekend off with a little Rent. Jackie and I counted atleast 20 people leaving the theatre. I have decided there are a lot of prudes in Provo.

Watched a little of this to get the day going on Saturday.

Went here. Ate some stuff. Sat on Jenny's bed forever. Showered.

Ate some of this.

Watched this.

Told Jenny no more movies, she said she was putting in music and it was this.

Played a little of this.

Snacked on these.

Went here.

Fell asleep watching this.

That pretty much sums up my weekend.
Man, when you group all that together with pictures I really look like a worthless slob.


jenny said...

dude just looking at that makes me want to do that all over again. that was a freaking amazing day. cant wait for jack bauer. h yes.

Annalise said...

Wow that was one amazing weekend. Can't say that any of that was part of mine, even though I did spend a very large portion of it on the couch as well. I looked for you at Target on Sunday but I went a little later, it would have been fun to run into you there though.

Michon said...

where did you find the provo bakery picture!? sweet