Friday, February 17, 2006

Today Is My Independence Afternoon

As many of you know today is the big day.....jacks day. Today we find out if my rigorous training schedule will usher me into victory, or throw me back into the dumpster as usual.

I would like to thank my trainers and supporters for the incredible job they have done.

Mom-thanks for providing the genius idea

Kristin-thanks for cheering me on and giving me toss advice. And most importantly thank you for saving my glowing bouncy ball from the cup incident.

Jenny-thanks for providing training tunes to keep me going when times got rough

Jackie-thanks for challenging me and pushing me to pick up more jacks

Now I would like to offer up a inspirational speech that I will be reciting to myself throughout the day.

"My readership, today, my fellow Friday Challengers will know humiliation. This afternoon they will know ridicule. This afternoon is the afternoon I fight back. This afternoon is my independence afternoon."

If anyone can tell me where that speech was derived from I will buy you and orange roll from PB...Annalise, you better get this.

Here's to the glowing bouncy ball and the jacks!


Anonymous said...

Ew Ew it is from Independence Day!!!! Am I right? And you are going to rock the jacks today I can feel it! Claty

Michon said...

Independence day? Bill Pullman? best of luck...dont forget to bounce high and grab low

Annalise said...

Hands down Independence Day...duh. I am remembering watching this on TV late at night in London. Did that really happen? So uhh...when do I get my roll d'orange?

I'm a little dissapointed that I wasn't thanked in your blog, but then that is purely my own doing. I'm sorry I haven't been more encouraging over the past week, & I'm hoping that cheering you on over messenger right now makes up for that. You can do it!

jenny said...

I have never seen that movie. Blast. Everyone said Independence Day.. I would have never guessed this. Ever. Although, I do know my Bill Pullman movies freakishly well.