Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dream Log

As most of you heard I recently had a vivid dream involving me, an African tribe,and a scary near death experience followed by a trip through the air in a tiny flying house.

Well I have had another dream, not as interesting as the last one (not sure anything will ever top that one), but it was quite interesting.

I'm in London and I'm walking around the city with three things: my purse (Burberry...of course, it's London), a suitcase, and a laptop.

For some reason I decide I need to go somewhere and cannot take all that crap with me so I leave it on the corner of a busy street (Oxford Street). So I go do whatever it is and when I come back a three quarter miracle has happened. My suitcase and laptop are still there. How this happened....I will never know. BUT my purse with all my credit cards, passport, and the ring my mom gave me for graduation are all gone.

What do I do? I call the police. And lucky for me the man that comes to investigate it a very cute American man. Somehow he figures out where my purse is and we head over to their hotel.

So we knock on the door and this girl lets us in this sweet penthouse hotel and I'm thinking....why does this girl even need my stupid purse and the money from my nearly empty bank account if she is shacked up in this joint, but whatever. So I ask for my stuff back and she says "h-no!".

Well I follow her to the kitchen pleading with her for my stuff and she has used a magnet and put my debit card on their fridge. Why? clue. But I took one look at it and grabbed it. She got real mad and I asked her for my graduation ring and she said she had sent it to a jeweler and that it was being melted down and made into something new.

Then I woke up.

Where does this crap come from. I just needed to put that out in the void. So there you go dear void.


Annalise said...

Okay so today I toured the white house, went to three art museums, the holocaust museum, some musee de American history, and all the freaking monuments in this city...which there are millions. Yes, it was a pretty awesome day. But do you want to know what the best part of my day was? Reading your blog! That was some wicked a dream. How come I never get dreams like those? Please let me know if any more should come along.

P.S. I'm missing ya like crazy. It's pretty lonely out here. But man, do I have some awesome stories to tell when I come back! (I realise that you probably won't be reading this until monday, in which case I will be back and we'll probably have talked but whatev, I'm bored and felt like leaving a really long comment) (Okay I'm done.).

Michon said...

AWESOME!! you remember your dreams....i wish i did...thatd be so sweet. but i think my favorite part was that the english police guy was a hot american...hahahaha. good dream...heres to hoping that you have more. see you for 24!!!

jenny said...

keep me posted bout tonight via text messaging. i am heading up to campus