Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"How can someone so beautiful be so sad?"

I'm pretty sure this picture says more than I could ever say, but I'll go on anyway.

Bananalise and I were discussing how funny we think dooce.com is and how we wish our blogs could be as funny as hers. How is it that nothing entertaining happens to me? Dooce has a hilarious story to tell day in and day out. I need to meet "Billy" from Melrose Place, or be so tipsy when checking in for a flight that I can't even operate the self check-in.

Today I am taking a stand....either funny things need to start happening to me or I'm going to start pulling a James Frey.

Example: Yesterday I bought some running shoes.

"Freyed" up version: Last night I visited the Mecca that is Nordstrom in order to purchase a new pair of running shoes. 17 pairs and $500 later I was the proud owner of a new pair of gold plated, self cleaning, anti-blister miracle shoes that will not only allow me to go running but actually do the running for me.

Good thing I have new running shoes because I can see Oprah barreling her way through my office so she can cart me to her show and deliver a kick-a interview exposing my blatant disregard of truthiness.


Annalise said...

Awesome storytelling. And it's even extra funny now that you reminded me who James Frey is. By the way, if ever you do find some sweet shoes that do all the running for you, please pass the info along.

jenny said...

That has got to be the best fabricated show purchase ive ever heard. props. well i better go. i have to do a whole freakin poster/alphabet. cool

Anonymous said...

i think my favorite part of this email is the word "truthiness." It's almost as good and as substainiated as the word "strategery."