Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scary Turtle

I realize that this is my second post in one day....which I admit is a very low, bottom of the barrel sort of thing to happen, however here it is.

On my way back to work after lunch I stopped at the gas station formerly known as "The Speedy Turtle" Jenny, Kristin....I believe you're familiar. Anyway, I am beginning to believe this is a shady place for several reasons.

1. There was a scary dude smoking outside.

2. When I walked in a guy in a Hawaiian shirt said hello to me in an uncomfortable manner

3. The people working were talking about being naked

4. The lady telling the naked story was talking to the Hawaiian shirt guy and it turns out he is the owner of the gas station.

Jenny beware.

Ps. How would you feel if a picture of you like this one was featured on MSN.....the second most visited website on the planet?


Anonymous said...

There is talk of Barrel de crack and olympics tonight. your thoughts?

jenny said...

If you wanna be my blogger you gotta get with my (gotta get with my frieends) Nothin lasts forever. Blogging never ennnnnnndsssssssss. Yeah speedy turtle is CREEPY. Dont go. It's like you somehow LEAVE provo and enter some crappy sketchy part of South Dallas. no? yes. Barrel de Crack? Who suggested that. what a great idea!

K said...

I could go for the Barrel....I've had enough time away. Hopefully "Anonymous" was Kristin...otherwise I just agreed to a meal with Pineapalise.

Anonymous said...

KRISTI!! It was not me, it was jenny being anonymous. she's tricky! but i would love to see thee tonight, you haven't seen my haircut yet. (note: i just wrote "haircute" on accident, which is also fitting). man, am i self-involved or what!

jenny said...

hahah hair-cute. i loveo how i check your blog to see if you've written back to me. i am SNEAKY! SNEAKALICIOUS! (cd #7). I have a soccer game at 6 but can we crack out after?!

jenny said...

If I go out I got the only clothin on!!!!!!! Broke PHI BROKE!!!! BLOG PHI BLOG! WE AINT GOT ITTTT... Always got that bookbag. Nobody's gonn see dat. You aint got nothin else ta do! You think this shiz easy dont ya. Kanye. Wake up Mr WESSSSTTT

K said...

Broke broke borke broke. We ain't got it. Broke broke borke broke. Ain't got no money.....ain't got no clothes......ain't got no car....can't get no hoes.