Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Heart London

I'm having one of those days when I really miss London. It's so weird how that happens to me sometimes. I don't even know what triggers it. Needless to say I am listening to Virgin Radio UK, looking at pictures of England and wishing my real name was Dame Kristi Westberg.

To cheer me up I have decided to make a list of things I miss:

1. The Underground-Love the name, love the escalators, love the crazy people you see, love the sound of the Jubilee line trains. (Annalise I know you can hear it)

2. Parks in the middle of a huge city-Love that. Renting a chair for one pound so you can sit and tan while reading Harry Potter, priceless.

3. Robbie Williams-could he be any more hot?....don't think so. His music is on permanent repeat in the UK, here no love. I love you Robbie.

4. Ridiculously small flats and even smaller bathrooms. Once things get that small it's just funny. I miss my shoe box sink.

5. All of the weird smells. In one city block you can smell rotting fish, a well dressed British man's cologne, a bin of trash, and bakery filled with trifel and cake.

Ok, I'll stop because I could go on forever. Sorry to all of you for such a depressing and disappointing blog, but I had to let that out and put it in the book.

Man it's like I was destined to write about that because American Quilting JUST called and my British flag quilt is finished!


ps Dane sent me this today....very fitting


Anonymous said...

Man I feel like I have been there should consider writing novels...maybe something that takes place in london, a romance perhaps...just a thought. Thanks for the entertainment as job is dreary and boring (minus Carol of course). Peace soon to be roomy :) HaHa.

Anonymous said...

ooh!! bring the quilt over tonigh. and i feel you on the London. at least you're going back soon, guaranteed!

Annalise said...

KRISTI!!! You read my mind. I too have been crying inside today because I missed London so much. Today I was wishing I could smell the tube & second-hand smoke (wierd things but whatever). We were talking about the Courtauld gallery today in my impressionism class & I got all nostalgic. I hear London too!!! I loved your list, well because I was there with you when we fell in love with these things. But fyi, the chairs were two pounds. Oh Kristi I'm gonna visit you for shizzle! Thanks the memories. Definitely your best blog yet.