Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And the blame continues................

Annalise has inspired many a blog entry and I cannot resist making lists of any kind as you all know. In reply to her lists of five I have decided to come up with my own lists. A list of lists if you will.....

Five people I’d love to observe trying to have dinner together:
1. Little Richard
2. Stephen Colbert
3. The Shat
4. Pat Robertson
5. Satan

Five bands I want to see live:
1. U2--can never see them enough
2. Coldplay
3. Wham!--it could happen
4. Black Eyed Peas
5. Neil Diamond

Five of my favorite words:
1. Underpants
2. Truthiness
3. Sucka
4. Tomfoolery
5. Cockeyed

Five things it’s worth paying a little extra for
1. Good toilet paper...all those opposed to chaffing say aye.
2. Shoes
3. A flight with no layover
4. The regular movie theatre, the dollar theatre is now officially dead to me
5. Foundation-everything else can be from the Piggly Wiggly for all I care, but your foundations gotta look right.

Five rules of thumb
1. Personalized liscense should not be considered a badge of honor or a special privlegde, the DMV should mail them out with t-shirts that say "Vain prick" or "loser of every spelling bee known to man."
2. Watching the movie Rent does not mean you are an honorary member of the origional cast. (that' for you Khaki)
3. Any movie with the Shat should be considered cinematography gold and mass mailed to the public for free.
4. Always remember to wear slip resistant shoes when venturing out on the London streets, slip and fall down the stairs at Tower Bridge once shame on me, slip need new shoes.
5. Cell phone ringers should be carefully chosen to personify the owner of the phone, where would I be without "Goodies-Ciara", the Alias theme song, Sex and the City, Snoop, Gold Digger or my personal favorite..."Kristi, Kristi, Kristi...oh Kristi..pickup the pho-oh-oh-ohne.


jenny said...

Sweet Action. Gosh, I need to make me some lists. Stupid class.. I'll try and squeeze in a good blog sometime later today.

Annalise said...

Way to deviate from the chain of lists that have come before you. Very creative, my friend. And yes, I agree that lists are great and I thank the powers that be that we have such a space where we can make lists of meaningless dribble till the cows come home.

K said...

Annalise, may I just say that that is an amazing comment and I too thank the powers above for the cup that holds all of my dribble, my blog.