Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Two Gay Dogs"....this film was actually made in 1912

Ok, before I even start this blog entry I would like to acknowledge the fact that on February 10th I included this in a post entitled Filliam H. Muffman, "Lastly, I am considering getting a dog who I plan to name "Le Foo" or "Faiasl" what does everyone think of this dog?"......I still love dogs.

As Annalise would say....The following entry and I would like to apologize in advance to all of my readers who happen to be fans of any of the following films (I use the word film loosely). All of the views and comments expressed within this blog are strictly my own and not the opinions of www.blogger.com (although they should be), it's parent company, Google, or it's affiliates.

Khaki, Annalise and I were discussing the movie slump that this nation is in due to Oscar fever already setting in. Subsequently we have all become subject to such crap movies as Date Movie, World's Fastest Indian, Curious George, The Pink Panther and Eight Below.

This led us to a discussion about the need to end the filming of any movies about dogs....namely movies when a dog or several dogs are the main characters. Wonder how Paul Walker felt at the premier of Eight Below when he was listed under a pack of dog "actors" in the credits. Couldn't have felt good.

I was trying to think of some dog movies and the more I thought the more movies I was able to come up with....here are a few of them.

1. Shaggy Dog-like the old b/w version, but Tim Allen, come on

2. All Dogs Go to Heaven...not bad, but also not too good.

3. Old Yeller...never seen it, but seems pretty crappy.

4. Eight Below...enough said.

5. Snow Dogs...another movie about dog sledding....really?

6. Beethoven,…I must admit some choice lines, but still no good.

7. Air Bud...crap!

8. Homeward Bound....how many times are they gonna make this movie?

9. White Fang....more dog sledding.

10. My Dog Skip...never saw it, not gonna.

So to sum up, if you are going to make a movie about dogs there are three options:

1. Lost dogs

2. Dog sledding

3. Dogs of children who don't have friends and will later loose those dogs....good thing they don't make sequels to those ones.



jenny said...
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jenny said...

OH THEY MAKE SEQUELS!!! Air Bud Golden Receiver?!?!?! .. Allright, I'm officially ashamed. I liked the original airbud.. Then again, I'm allowed to because I was like 14 and Matt liked it.. And homeward bound?! COME ON PUP! Michael J FOX?! I'm ok with your list.. THANK GOONAH THAT BALTO WAS NOT ON THE LIST! THANK GOONAHHHHHHH

K said...

For those unfamiliar with "Balto"...as I was not. I have done the leg work and found this stirring description on imdb.com

His story became a legend. His adventure is one you'll never forget.

Part Dog. Part Wolf. All Hero.

Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.

Michon said...

never seen balto, sadly seen about 80% of that list, and i 100% agree with that list...and the movie slump...its sad when i'm more excited about movies coming out to buy and when movies come out...i only look forward to renting them. but then theres July 7th...JACK

Annalise said...

Good blog. Like we said last night, only good dog movie is the ORIGINAL "Shaggy Dog", & I would also like to add "Shaggy D.A." That movie is an amazing work of Disney genius. And I'm going to go out on a limb here & say: I don't like Balto. There....that's out. Do with it what you will.

P.S. Thanks for ripping off my disclaimer!

jenny said...

PART DOG. PART WOLF. ALL HERO. YOU WISH SOMEONE WOULD SAY THAT ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!! and i wrote the same comment twice ok!? i think you woulda been more pissed with it than without it. get over it. LIVE ON BALTO! LIVE ONNN!!!