Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I am proud to announce that today I received a promotion. I am now Kristi Westberg, Head of Latin American Operations.

This may seem strange considering my inability to speak any Latin American language, or the fact that I have virtually no connection with anything Latin American (other than the one trip to Cancun) however; I am up to the challenge.

So far my only duty has been to open a piece of junk mail addressed to Head of Latin American Operations and I managed to open that and file it away in my "special filing cabinet" aka the trash can quite nicely. So far so good.


Michon said...

AWESOME...let me be the first to give you a holla and woot! should i buy martinellis?? hahaha...sweet picture brought me straight back to 6th grade

jenny said...

you make me laugh. WE SHOULD BUY MARTINELLIS! I OWE YOU A FROSTY. I can repay you tonight in some form or fashion. Whether that be a Myuookshayke or a cold one is up to you..

Anonymous said...

i can pitch in $1 for the martinelli's since i owe kristi! :)yeah for kristi...i am sure clay could give you advice you know seeing as he is a latin american studies major...:)haha

Annalise said...

is this for real? That's pretty freaking amazing. I hope that this promotion came with a pay raise? Those are always nice. This semester I got a 30 cent raise so now I make $7.88. Wow...that's practically like getting paid in peanuts. mmmm peanuts. I could use some right now, getting a little hungry.