Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Twisted Logic

So I have a new re-found love for Chris Martin. I'll admit that up until his newest record I was a fair weather fan that only liked select songs. But, today I was doing a bit of web based research and found out that they have added tour dates to their X&Y tour, however they will not be gracing their amazing musical talents in this crap state.

The closest place they will be is Denver....this Sunday. I am seriously considering buying a ticket and driving down. Any takers? I will go alone if I have to.

I read Steve's blog today and in the first paragraph he quoted Paul....Simon. This got me wondering what quotes were online from Chris. Here's what I found that interested me:

"Einstein never wore socks. Geniuses don't wear socks... Do I? All the time."

"Eminem is amazing ... brilliant. I knew him when he was first starting out. He used to say to me, 'D'ya think I'll make it, Chris?' I used to say, 'Yeah, you'll make it, Em.' But he was always forgetting his name, he'd always have to remind himself by asking, 'My name is...?' 'My name is....?' The poor fella."

"I'd love to be a surfer, but I'm just rubbish. If I wasn't such a brilliant frontman of a brilliant band, I'd probably do this."

"If you came to see Cher, that was last night but weÂ’ll be doing her hits later." (during a live gig)

"Like if George W. Bush and China put on some Coldplay and went, 'Let's be friends.' That would be nice."

"No matter how big we become, we can never capture the Celine Dion fans. And no matter how good we get, we'll never be as beautiful and pretty as Westlife. So those are two markets we'll never get. Or wait, hold on a moment. To be honest...sometimes, when I look around in our wardrobe, I think "yes we do actually look as good as Westlife."

"We came in by helicopter just five minutes ago. No, Will and I turned up in a Ford Escort and they wouldn't let us in the car park! We couldn't park next to Posh's limo....We've got nothing! Will came in by bicycle and Guy's on a donkey. He's still in London, dammit!"

"We went to Ireland and Bono invited Will and Guy over for lunch. He said, 'Just jump in a taxi and say 'Bono's House,'' and it worked! So we might send him [a Christmas card] : 'Bono, Ireland'." (NME)
-I'm trying that!

Is it just me or do you love him even more now? If you were hoping for a kick-a pee your pants and fall on the floor blog entry from me today I'm sorry....but if you visit Jenny's you will get exactly that.

Kings to you J-Wall.


jenny said...

doood. whatchu talkin bout? that blog was superb. if i wasn't dead broke and crappified bizy i'd totally go down to denver witchu. (im trying to be a pussycat doll) "WITCHU" .. well, Im outie. You have a good one sucka.

The Usual Shop said...

Great quotes, wonderful quotes. Very amusing. Also, thank you for referencing my blog, I'm flattered. I have to make a small correction though: The Paul I quoted was Paul Simon, not Paul McCartney. Thanks though, good post.