Friday, February 03, 2006

Karma Karma Sound the Alarma

First of all let me just highlight my amazing photoshop ability as displayed above, now on to the blogging.

Every Friday at my work we play a game around 3:00. The person that looses gets the privlege of taking out everyone's trash. Needless to say I am not so good at being challenged. I started working here on October 17th-ish. Which means I have been working here 16 weeks. Now keep in mind that two of those weeks I did not work on a Friday because it was Christmas time and one other Friday we did not have a challenge. This brings the total number of challenges I have participated in to 13. Now I'm sure you are wondering how many times I have taken out the trash.

To the best of my knowledge I have taken the trash out 7 times! Count them! S-E-V-E-N! That is over half of the weeks I have worked here.

Another question you might have is what happens to the winner?
They receive the "Victorious Man" aka the cheapest trophy at the trophy shop. It's a man in a speedo doing what I like to call the "dismount" for all of those familiar with gymnastic jargon. Or, if you are not, the American Idol dude at the end of the intro song.

How many times has victorious man graced his presence at my desk? ONCE! One lousy time. And the only reason I won that was because due to my losing the previous week I got to pick the challenge and chose London Trivia. So it was pretty much rigged in my favor.

All of this has brought me to the conclusion that I am on the fast track to being a garbage man, which is ironic and karmatic because my garbage man is on notice. Proof that what goes around comes around.

Ok, I'm done. Peace


jenny said...

HOLY CRAP. AMAZING. You could have just put the picture up and I would have wet myself. Props.

jess said...

Krizzle, please, you must take up photoshopping as a profession. fine work there, very fine. You have a gift...and you look so natural on the truck!

Michon said...

ok i'm sorry i was so behind in your blogging but you continue to amaze me with your daily kristi-isms. pretty sure most of my comments dont make sense...sorry! sweet photoshop job though...